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Know how to pick and choose

By: non-member | November 28, 2012

Pros: The majority of the teachers seem experienced and explain the instructions and the benefits of the poses well. The staff are all very friendly and you feel welcomed. I don't feel like it's a competition, but more of a quality time for my body and well being. The facilities are good.

Cons: A lot of the teachers have an accent...some a lot heavier than others. I've been with Hot Yoga Wellness for a while now so I know which teachers I can tolerate. I usually chose the ones with a very slight accent or no accent at all. I'm not discriminating, as I am Chinese myself but I just personally feel that an instructor can really alter the environment and the zen of the class. Having a heavy accent is just distracting because i'm try to hear what they're trying to say more than focusing on my quality time in the class. If you plan on coming, try Jacinda, Linda, MaryAnn or Albert.


By: Jessli | March 30, 2011

I tried with my Passport to Prana visiting over 10-20 studios around the city, this is one of the most demotivated place and will never return here. The staff are not helpful at all, stood there looking for help and they were too busy chatting with their usual clients. As I got my time to speak with the staff they seems very fake, and unwilling to help. They portray this pretentious kindness to help but I felt like they think i was wasting their time with the lack of knowledge I have. As my first couple of times to yoga, i felt like I did not want to engaged to the class.

As I got to the class the environment was nice, but very crowded. The air felt stuffy and heat was dry and suffering. The other studios felt slightly more humid and bearable. The dry heat have caused my first dizzyness and with so many people it didn't help. I have been to several other studios and have not felt unwell in the Yoga class before, their humidity is much better than Yoga Tree....


Yoga Tree

Richmond Hill, ON

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Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.

By: EmbraceLife | April 7, 2010

As a co-facilitator, Zahra and I lead the Follow Your Bliss retreat in the summer of 2009. I had the pleasure, honour and wonderful experience to witness how Zahra plans and delivers her intentional message to the retreat participants.

Zahra shares her knowledge in a passionate, caring and inspiring way. She naturally supports and encourages others to see beyond perceived limits and believe in possibilities. Zahra is many things: a consciousness teacher, leader and caring woman and also a great friend!

Yoga Goddess

Toronto, ON

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The purpose of Yoga to increase...

By: yogamom | January 8, 2010

Many of us come to Yoga in pursuit of physical benefits. The rewards are so much deeper and more meaningful. I won't downplay the importance of having a vibrant and strong physical body but there are so many more benefits that come with practice. For one, building awareness in our physical body helps us to feel more alive and make choices that are life affirming. When we make choices from a place of heightened awareness, chances are that those choices will affect your life in such a way that your happiness will increase. We cannot always change what is out there but we can change our reaction to what's out there. When we become aware of our reactions and that we have a choice in how we will react or not react, we can then begin to live with a deeper sense of emotional stability. Change happens one person at a time and it begins with you! Don't you think it's time?


Richmond Hill, ON

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By: non-member | August 7, 2009

I recently moved here from Toronto where I have been practicing hot yoga for several years off and on. I have never enjoyed a hot yoga class as much as I have at Hot Yoga on 17th. I find the classes a great mix of strength and flexibility. They are challenging and you leave the class feeling energized and worked out. I would highly recommend this yoga studio to anyone.

Raising the level of instruction

By: ava24 | February 4, 2009

Beautiful studio and many options in classes. I found each and every instructor had skill and knowledge and taught a wonderful class. The reception was courtesy and kind and the studio(s) and reception were always immaculate. I am so glad I found this studio.

Mmm sweaty!

By: erin23 | December 30, 2007

I had previously taken yoga classes but then I heard amazing things about hot yoga from my friends. Moksha Yoga Richmond Hill was the closest hot yoga studio to my house so I decided to go try it out with some friends (hilary and erika00). I can't remember how much it cost for your first class..I think it was about $7..not bad at all but they also have an introductory offer for new people where you pay 20 bucks and you can go as much as you want for 7 straight days. As soon as you walk in you can feel the heat and the whole place is so quiet. Once you sign in, you can rent a towel or yoga mat for 2 bucks each and you can also get a bottle of water for 2 bucks. The change rooms were very nice and clean and I waited in there until it was time for my class to begin. Once I walked in and lay down my mat, I felt like I couldn't breathe because of the heat. The teacher, dave87 , was so calming that I started to forget about the heat. He went slowly for all the...


Moksha Yoga

Richmond Hill, ON

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